That annoying driver in front…

So you are driving home from work, and after half an hour of brutal traffic you finally make it to the streets of your neighborhood.

As you slowly exit the freeway and stop at a red light, you are the second in line at the stop light. As soon as the light turns green you see the vehicle in front turns on its left turn signal and starts to wait for the cars on the other direction to pass. Now you wonder why that driver did not signal before to let you know. Well that is just how frustrating life is.

I know that I have gotten mad and sometimes even yelled at that driver in front, but is there really something you can do about it? Well, you can try yelling, honking, or even flipping the other drive off. I do not think that will help anyone in this situation. It will just raise your own blood pressure and stress you out even more after that hard day at work.

Just think about it; the other driver could be someone just like you, a tired and stressed person going home from a hard day at work. We really cannot blame anyone in this situation because blaming, yelling, honking, and swearing will not get you anywhere. Who knows, if you do, you might go home in a bad mood and have the worst headache that you ever had in your life. Come to think of it, I have neglected to signal myself on occasions. So there is really nothing anyone can do to get around this, or is there?

Well, after thinking about it for some time I have come up with a plan that always works for me. Now I am not sure if it will do the same for you but give it a try anyways. First, as soon as you get in your car at work, relax, turn on some soothing music, and forget about work for a minute. As you drive off, make sure not to drive too rough. When you enter the traffic on the freeway, make sure to pay attention to your driving and relax with the music. Also, try not to fall asleep (very important). As you exit the freeways after that long and slow drive, make sure you stop at least one half a car lengths behind the car in front of you at any stop light. This is just in case that vehicle in front decides to turn left and leave you waiting behind. Then if you see the car in front signaling to turn left, just pass it by on the right; you can do this because you left enough room in front of your vehicle to pull out and pass.

This always helps me stay calm and relaxed. I used to yell, swear, honk, and get mad at this situation very often, but since I have been using this plan, I do not ruin my evening at all. So just try it, and if it works… well done, and if it doesn’t… hey I tried to help.


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